Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 0, May 2021 (Special Issue) 
Enhancing the therapeutic chemosensitivity of hepatocellular carcinoma cells using alpha-solanine: Thesis Abstract

Pages 24-24

Shaimaa Abdelsadek Gouhar; Fatma Farag Abd Elhameed; Magdi Nabih Ashour; Nahla Samir Hassan; Sherien Mohamed El-Daly

Evaluation of the antitumor effect of trehalose in experimental models: PhD Thesis Abstract

Pages 27-27

Samah K Nasr Eldeen; Wafaa Mohamed Ibrahim; Afrah Salama; Mohammed Elghannam; Abeer Khamis

Antioxidant and antidiabetic activities of some algal species: Thesis Abstract

Pages 39-39

Omnia Abdel-Karim; Atef Mohamed Abo-Shady; Saly Farouk Gheda; Gehan Ahmed Ismail

Some Efficient Synthetic Approaches to Construct Heterocyclic Systems: Thesis Abstract

Pages 42-42

Eslam Ghaith; Hanafi Hassan Zoorob; Mona Elsayed Ibrahim; Wafaa Salama Hamama

Utility of benzopyrones as building blocks to synthesize new heterocycles: Thesis Abstract

Pages 45-45

Asmaa Elsaid Metawlli; Wafaa Salama Hamama; Hanafi Hasn Zoorob; Mona Elsayed Ibrahim

Chemical studies of some fused heterocyclic compounds containing oxygen with anticipated biological interests: Thesis Abstract

Pages 46-46

Aya Atef El-Sawi; Mohamed Abozeid; El-Sayed Ibrahim El-Desoky; Abdelrahman Hassun Abdelrahman