Glucose Transporter 4 and Interleukin 8 expression in hormone receptor-negative/HER2 overexpressing breast carcinoma subtype: Correlation with the biological behavior of the tumor cells and prognostic parameters

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Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt


Background: Breast carcinoma (BC) is the most commonly occurring cancer. Nearly 15–20% of breast carcinomas are HER2 overexpressing subtype. Patients with this subtype have a poor prognosis with fewer therapeutic options. Increased glucose transporters expression is crucial for enhancing glucose uptake observed in several tumors. Overexpression of IL-8 has been found in neoplastic epithelial cells of various malignancies which are involved in tumor cell proliferation and invasion. Aim: Study the immunohistochemical (IHC) expression of GLUT4 and IL-8 in ER-, PR-/HER2+ BC subtype to correlate their expression with the biological behavior of tumor cells and prognosis. Materials & Methods: Fifty-eight ER-,PR-/HER2+ primary invasive ductal breast carcinoma NOS paraffin blocks were collected from archive of Patholohy department, Faculty of medicine, Tanta University and private labs. Cut sections were stained with primary anti-GLUT4, anti-IL-8, and anti-Ki67 antibodies. Results: High GLUT4 expression was significantly associated with advanced TN staging and lympho-vascular invasion (LVI). A significant relationship was found between high IL-8 immuno-expression and TN staging and LVI. A significant positive correlation was observed between high GLUT4 and IL-8 expressions on one hand and positive Ki67 immunoreactivity in tumor cells on the other hand. No statistically significant association was detected between either GLUT4 or IL-8 expression and patient age, tumor grade, or M stage. Conclusion: GLUT4 and IL-8 expression in ER-,PR-/HER2+ BC were associated with poor prognostic parameters, thus downregulation of GLUT4 and IL-8 might provide alternative therapeutic choices for patients with this subtype


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