Assessment of the relationship between psychological locus of control and immune status in breast cancer patients: Thesis Abstract

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1 immunology department, faculty of Science,Cairo University, Egypt

2 Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt

3 Immunology Division, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt

4 Professor of Psychiatry Psychiatry Department Faculty of Medicine Cairo University

5 oncology department, faculty of medicine,tant university


Thesis Abstract
Several recent studies confirm the immune disturbances in cancer patients in comparison with the healthy individual. Other studies confirmed the effective role of psychological status on the immune system. In breast cancer patient, depression associated with decreased inflammatory and immune function. Several studies suggested relationship between locus of control and depression as an external locus of control individuals have more symptoms of depression. Therefore, it is proposed that there is a direct relation between immune status and locus of control in breast cancer patients. Patients and participators responded to three questionnaires (God health locus of control, multidimensional health locus of control, and Rotter internalexternal locus of control). The first analysis was the calculation of the numbers and phenotype of CD4+ T, Treg and NK cells by flow-cytometry, measure gene expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines with real time PCR. Results show significant direct co- relation between IHLC and CD4+ T cells, IHLC and NK cells.


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