Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, August 2020 
RUNX3 gene expression confers an independent Overall survival advantage in non-M3 adult acute myeloid leukemia patients in Egypt.

Pages 87-98

Fatima Abbas Mourtada; Magda Mahmoud Assem; Asmaa El Leithy; Naglaa Moustafa Hassan; Nagwa Hassan Ali Hassan

Adipocytokine, leptin, and resistin in combination with quantitative visceral adiposity as predictors of colorectal neoplasm: A case-control study

Pages 121-131

Engy Shafik; Dina Ahmed Mohareb; Helal Hetta; Salah M khallaf; Nessren Abd el-Rady; Zainab Gaber; Mohamed Zakaria Abu Rahma; Wael A Abbas; Haisam Atta

Paclitaxel as a possible continuation maintenance therapy in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Pages 133-141

Suzy Gohar; Amira Hegazy; Suzan Alhassanin; Mohamed Shehata; Naser Abd El Bary; Khaled Abd El Aziz

Evaluation of the anti-Fusarium effect of Cinnamoum zeilanicum, Berberise vulgaris and Caluna vulgaris ethanolic extracts

Pages 143-150

Nadia Ismail; Doaa Ghareeb; Sobhy El- Sohaimy; Maha EL-Demellawy; Mohamad El-Saied